Random thoughts…

A Consumer Reports survey showed only about half of Americans were satisfied with their wireless service. And the number could be worse, it doesn’t count all the people Consumer Reports couldn’t get through to on their wireless phones.

Monday was the Post Office’s busiest day of the year. And in a statement, they vowed to deliver all packages mailed today in time for Christmas. Of course, we don’t know if that’s Christmas 2009 or 2010.

After their seven turnover debacle on Monday Night Football, the Arizona Cardinals still will probably make the playoffs and have a chance at the Super Bowl. If they do win it all, however, the NFL may not let them hoist that Waterford trophy.

As the healthcare debate continues, many Democrats are coming to the conclusion that Al Gore just might have made a worse choice for his running mate than John McCain.

The general consensus amongst Democrats. Joe Lieberman is a toad. Except for members of PETA who consider it an insult to toads.

New Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly had his home in Cincinnati “egged” by less than happy Bearcats fans, who also wrote a nasty message on his lawn. Apparently he wasn’t that upset about it, which is a good thing. Because wait until he sees what they will say and do in South Bend if he doesn’t lead the team to a major bowl.

Accenture dropped Tiger Woods because he apparently no longer represented “high performance” to them. I don’t know…winning all those Masters while juggling an unknown but significant number of women, many men would consider that pretty “high performance” indeed.

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