Monday mourning..

It’s just about official. Neither the Oakland Raiders nor the San Francisco 49ers will be in the playoffs again this year. Note to fans in the Los Angeles area -“See, there ARE worse things than not having an NFL team.”

Gillette says they will now “limit” their marketing with Tiger Woods. In the remaining ads, they are considering changing their slogan from “The Best a Man can Get.” to the “The Most a Man Can Get.”

While in many ways the timing couldn’t be helped, you have to wonder, is this the best time of year to get the American public behind government having a bigger role in healthcare? When December is the month when Americans most think of government while standing in line in the Post Office.

If the BCS ran the NFL, the New Orleans Saints could be out of the playoffs for being ranked highly enough in the preseason. And the Arizona Cardinals would be out for playing in a weak conference.

Both undefeated NFL teams, the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, play in two of the smallest cities, and thus media markets, in the country. This would never happen if Bud Selig was commissioner.

Of course, if the the NFL was run like MLB, the Giants or Jets would simply buy the Colts and Saints rosters.

How bad a month are the Dallas Cowboys having? They are considering signing an endorsement contract with Tiger Woods.

Brandon Marshall of the Broncos had 21 receptions in Denver’s 28-16 loss to Indianapolis. He thus broke the NFL single game record. The record was previously held by Terrell Owens, who had 20 catches on September 14, 2008 for the San Francisco 49ers. In related news, T.O. called a press conference to complain that in that game Jeff Garcia didn’t throw him the ball enough.

From Bill Littlejohn, after nine Michigan State football players were charged with assault and conspiracy in connection with a fight at a dorm: “There haven’t been that many Spartans involved in a fight since ‘300 AD.”

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