Seeing Eye Conference…

Once again, a SEC officials blew a call in a high profile football game. And once again, that blown call went in favor of an undefeated team. In this case Alabama, who beat LSU 25-14. (The call in question. an LSU cornerback who lost an interception when he was incorrectly ruled out of bounds.) In other conferences, some are speculating that it’s part of a SEC plot to make sure one of their teams stays undefeated, and thus can play in the Championship game.

Besides “Seeing Eye Conference,’, other potential new names…

Severely Egregious Calls?

Seemingly Endless Conspiracies.

Simply Expecting Championships.

But to be fair, the SEC is taking action. Coaches who complain about the officiating are now being fined

Meanwhile, Stanford upset number 8 Oregon, 51 to 42. Thanks to Coach Harbaugh’s “hold them to six touchdowns” strategy.

Meanwhile in Cincinnati, the undefeated Bearcats beat Connecticut 47-45. And sophomore backup quarterback Zach Collaros threw for 480 yards. Yes, 480. To put that in perspective, Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell has thrown for 1000 yards. For the year.

Joseph Cao, a freshman Republican from New Orleans, was the only congressman to cross party lines and vote for the health care bill. It might be the first time in recent memory where a Louisiana politician made headlines, without the police or a sex scandal being involved.

A post World Series thought from Bill Littlejohn about A-Rod’s paintings of himself hanging above his bed; guess he wants to be sure he is always the centaur of attention.

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