Amateur hour

Should we be surprised Chicago lost the Olympics? The city has a long and rich tradition of scandal, corruption and bribery. Put it down to the IOC’s professional jealousy ·

I’ll refrain from making Cubs jokes about Chicago not getting the Olympics, because it’s too easy to say that the Cubbies already fulfill the city’s desire for top notch amateur athletics. And besides, the White Sox count too.

When the extortion story broke, some comedy writers say they were disappointed in David Letterman. Most, however, were just relieved to hear some comedian other than Lisa Lampanelli has been having sex.

So far, while he is the brunt of jokes, David Letterman seems to be weathering the sex scandal, in fact, his ratings have even gone up. In related news, the Late Show just received a guest host application from Bill Clinton.

Apparently attendance for Major League Baseball has been down about seven percent in 2009.

“The way the economy’s going, a family of four comes to the ballpark and how much is a hot dog, a Coke, a drink for the parents?” Giants pitcher Brad Penny said. “That adds up.”

Interesting words from a guy who would like to return to San Francisco, if they can meet his $20 million or so price tag, Hey, a guy’s got to feed HIS family.

San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Barry Zito had ten, count ’em, ten, outings this year when the offense didn’t score when he was on the mound. With that little scoring he’s become the poster pitcher for Trekkies.

Many Americans just don’t get the little nuances of hockey: It was announced Rob Blake will wear the ‘C’ as captain of the Sharks. Many San Jose fans thought the ‘C’ stood for their grade in the playoffs.’’

Little rant of the night. Propel vitamin water now comes in a nice six-pack of 16.9 ounce bottles. The package proudly proclaims – “Only 10 calories per serving.” What’s a serving? Half a bottle.

(Okay, I understand when a half cup of ice cream has 300 calories, that you might want to pretend nobody ever eats the whole pint. But fudging when it’s the difference between 10 and 20 calories? Really??)

Finally, a bad pun alert, from R.J. Currie:

After the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Delonte West this week suggested his recent arrest on gun charges is not a big deal: “Really? He was found carrying a 9mm handgun, a .357 Magnum, and an 870 shotgun. If convicted, where will Cleveland find another player of his caliber.’’

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