Sunday pun-day

Okay, anyone who doesn’t like puns stop reading now. And anyone who is easily offended don’t read the last joke.

While many of the headlines about the Serena Williams – Kim Clijsters match focus on Serena’s meltdown, how about the fact that Kim is playing with her toddler daughter in tow.

My headline idea – “Mum’s the word.”

And after the Oklahoma State Cowboys were upset by the Houston Cougars… how many headlines in Oklahoma will read.

“Houston – we had a problem?”

After freshman QB Tate Forcier led the Michigan Wolverines over Notre Dame.

“May the Forcier be with you”

Or “Wolverines Forcier their way past Fighting Irish.”

Brett Favre was voted one of the Minnesota Vikings’ five team captains. No confirmation on the rumor that Favre was chosen in a plea-bargain that meant the team didn’t have to wait for Brett to vote on his own choice.

One person who won’t be invited to the last game of the year at Wrigley Field – South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson. The Cubs don’t want him anywhere around when they thank their fans for coming, and then tell them, “Wait until next year.”

San Francisco Giants fans have been hoping for months that their hitting would catch up to their pitching. Unfortunately, after 10-3 and 9-1 losses to the Dodgers, it appears to have happened the other way around.

Richard Seymour, who has been AWOL for five days since being traded from New England, now says he’s “excited” to join Oakland. The Raiders professed themselves happy to have him, once he has an examination to check for any possible head injury.

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell dropped the “f bomb” in an interview. In some ways the GOP has to be relieved. It’s the first time this year the word was part of a news story with a Republican – where it wasn’t used as a verb.

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