Hits and no hits.

At a recent Nationals-Diamondbacks game, a violinist played the National Anthem on a violin made from a bat. The crowd went wild. Nats and Dbacks fans are thrilled to see ANYONE do something useful with a bat.

For any frustrated San Francisco fans reading this, the same joke works to substitute Giants too.

Manny Ramirez has not been quite as effective since since he returned from his 50 game drug suspension. A Dodgers source attributes it to his being hit on the hand recently. Sure, not like it could be anything else.

The long-haired flaky and often illogical Los Angeles slugger has indicated he is a little frustrated with his post-suspension performance. But apparently if this baseball thing doesn’t work out Manny thinks he has a chance to replace Paula on American Idol.

Britney Spears won a lifetime achievement award at the Teen Choice awards. Mostly because at this point it’s an achievement that she’s still alive.

The U.S. may have finally come up with a way to get Osama bin Laden. Trade him to the Mets. He’ll be out of commission in no time.

Jessica Simpson was in Japan during a magnitude 6.6 quake that hit early Tuesday morning. She tweeted. “Thought I was hallucinating.” Actually, Jessica, it’s not an either/or question.

Actually the quake might have been more powerful, but there are rumors Jessica distracted it.

From Alex Kaseberg, wish I had written this.

Chicago Blackhawks star, Patrick Kane, was arrested for beating a Buffalo cab driver because he didn’t have 20 cents change for Kane. Kane brings an entirely new and ugly meaning to cheapskate.

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2 Comments on “Hits and no hits.”

  1. Funy guy Says:

    Good God, give it a rest… you are not clever or funny…… go back to the travel office..

  2. left coast sports babe Says:

    Note to funy guy. Isn’t it nice that we live in a free country where we can have differing opinions. I do, however, think that is is cooler that if you want to send a snide message to someone that you not make up a fake email address. Shows more courage of your convictions that way. Thanks for reading.

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