More Jindal…

This has not been a good week for Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. In fact, generally when things go this badly for a potential future Republican presidential candidate, Katie Couric is involved.

It has now come out that Jindal’s story of standing “shoulder to shoulder” with a New Orleans sheriff during Katrina was fabricated. In his defense, the Governor says the exaggeration might be due to post traumatic stress syndrome from the time he dodged sniper fire with Hillary Clinton.

Manny Ramirez said last fall he was happy in Los Angeles and would like to finish his career there. Now, the spring training season is underway, and he has turned down yet another $45 million contract offer from the Dodgers. Even Kobe Bryant is saying “Think of the team.”

With Manny Ramirez publicly turning down huge contracts, there is some worry he is hurting baseball’s reputation during this recession. Even Commissioner Bud Selig is saying, “Can’t you settle for $18 million a year like I did?

How can anyone doubt now that President Obama can work miracles? He showed up to watch a Washington Wizards game and they actually won.

After signing a $137 million six year contract with the Mets last year, Johan Santana has been scratched from both spring training starts with elbow trouble. New York is just hoping they didn’t pay all that money for absolutely nothing this year. Maybe it wasn’t the best karma to name their new stadium Citi Field?

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One Comment on “More Jindal…”

  1. BangYouLater Says:

    I think the worst part about Hillary’s ‘dodging Sniper fire’ story was that she was caught lying by Sinbad.

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