Semi-State of the Union…

President Obama’s first speech to Congress was notably different from his predecesor’s in many respects.

For starters, no need for English subtitles.

Nancy Pelosi appeared to be doing her best to be a role model for tough economic times. Or that would explain an outfit that looked like it came from the sale rack at the dollar store.

(yeah, yeah, I know women are held to a higher standard and that joke is catty. But I’m a Democrat and a woman so I’ll make it anyway.)

President Obama’s speech lasted 50 minutes. Or as Joe Biden would call it “a few introductory remarks.”

The Washington Nationals signed 16 year old Esmailyn Gonzalez in 2006. Turns out his name is Carlos Alvarez Daniel Lugo, and he is four years older than they thought.

Well, at least he’s one guy who can truly say he matured in the off-season.

Random thought. How come the scent of an expensive perfume can fade in a few hours…but the smell of burnt popcorn is forever?

Monkey business

After a chimpanzee critically injured his owner’s friend and was shot to death last week, the House passed a bill to make it illegal to transport primates across state lines for use as pets. The vote was 323 to 95.

Not that what happened to that poor woman – and chimp – wasn’t awful. But in the midst of an economic meltdown, this is what we get passed with bipartisan agreement?

Octuplet mom Nayda Shulman claims she is writing a book about childcare.

Isn’t that like Bill Clinton writing a book about fidelity?

Isn’t that like Joe Biden writing a book about brevity?

Or – Nayda Shulman is writing a book about childcare. Who could possibly consider her a sane role model on the subject? Other than Michael Jackson.

Losing Super Bowl quarterback, Kurt Warner, 37, wants a raise from the Arizona Cardinals from $4 million last year, to about $14 million this year. In his defense, Warner claims he’s worried about soon having to live on Social Security.

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