Through the years.

To put things in perspective, Mage won yesterday’s Kentucky Derby in 2:01.57. One of the faster Derbies… Secretariat in 1973 was over two seconds faster. He’d have won by about 10 lengths.

“My Old Kentucky Home” has the line “it’s summer, the people are gay” in it. So Ron Deathsantis now going to try to cancel the Kentucky Derby too?

ESPN’s Karl Ravich actually asked Mookie Betts if the Los Angeles Dodgers – San Diego Padres rivalry was as big as the Red Sox – Yankees.

And SF Giants fans just threw up.

Though I lived in Toronto for four years and became a big Leafs fan as a kid, I don’t follow hockey that much anymore. Just as well, because nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the Maple Leafs falling apart in the playoffs.

Prince Harry apparently flew to his Father’s Coronation the day before on a regularly scheduled American Airlines flight. Maybe Harry wanted to leave it to fate as to whether he made it for the ceremony on time or not?

Ticketmaster in UK now offering West End shows in London for no ticketing fees!

Why? UK Standard newspaper: “unlike US, where Ticketmaster has “significant presence” UK has wider range of ticket providers- GigsandTours, SeeTickets etc…”

This isn’t hard. Monopolies hurt consumers.

Next week on American Idol is “Disney Week.”

Many Republicans as well as Democrats love American Idol.

Waiting to see if Ron Deathsantis is going to try to cancel “Idol.”


From Trump fundraising email: As your next president, I will mandate federal employees to take a civil service test to demonstrate a TRUE understanding of our Constitution – and bureaucrats who do not pass will be FIRED.

They will be quizzed on due process rights, equal protection, free speech, religious liberties, 4th Amendment protection against unreasonable search & seizure & your many other constitutional liberties.” As if he himself and GOP members of Congress could pass that test.

GOP hates math. But while conspiracy theories are flying around, amplified by some of the congressional crazies, this simple fact:

A 2021 investigation by Voice of America found that only 23% of mass shooters from 1966 to February 2020 took psychiatric medication.

So this weekend there was a mass shooter at Texas outlet mall.

Does Cancun Cruz want armed guards now in malls as well as schools?

Let’s make it simpler. Where does Ted think we DON’T need armed guards? (Anything but sensible gun law reform.)

If anyone doesn’t believe a Latino man can be a racist, or even a White Supremacist, suggest you watch John Sayles’ movie “Lone Star.” If for nothing else than the fact people are complicated. And there are all kinds of hierarchies and layers of racicm.

I’m so old I remember when biggest worry going to an outlet mall was parking. Not being shot.

Mental health problems happen for people in countries all over the world. Regular mass shootings only happen and kill people in the USA. It’s the guns, stupid.

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