Fearful symmetry

What were the odds on either of these?

Tampa Bay Rays, 26-6

Oakland As, 6-26.

Justin Verlander gave up two runs in five innings in his New York debut, but the Mets were shut out and lost 2-0. So maybe Verlander really will be the new Jacob DeGrom.

Understand that GOP members of Congress would never actually try to impeach SCOTUS justices. But no one, even Susan Collins, is expressing even mild disapproval or concern?

Convicting the Proud Boys without eventually convicting the person who instigated their seditious conspiracy would be as if a jury convicted Sharon Tate’s killers and let Charlie Manson walk.

Would some reporter like to ask Senators and House members of the “law and order” GOP why they continually ignore jury verdicts that prove how serious the sedition on January 6 was? I’ll wait

Kayleigh McEnany, who will at least temporarily replace Tucker Carlson as Fox News’ Liar in Chief, is a Harvard Law Graduate. She might give Ted Cruz competition for “worst mistake Harvard ever made.”

CNN’s Trump Town Hall will be moderated by Kaitlan Collins. You can take the girl out of the Daily Caller, but you can’t take the Daily Caller out of the girl…?

Wonder if/when we’ll learn the identity of the person who worked at Mar-A-Lago, who is now reportedly cooperating with Federal prosecutors on classified documents? And how many minutes after their identity is revealed will Trump claim he never met them?

Five members of the Proud Boys found guilty by a jury of felony seditious conspiracy for January 6. Fox News website has nothing on the story. They did, however, find space to cover Trump attacking Biden for not going to King Charles III’s coronation.

And later today- I’m sure you’re all shocked to know that Fox News not only isn’t defending Clarence Thomas, but also they haven’t even mentioned how Harlan Crow paid the tuition for Thomas’ grandnephew at two private schools.

So CNN’s Town Hall with Velveeta Voldemort is scheduled for next Wednesday at 8pm. Thinking a good goal would be the show ending up with CNN’s worst ratings ever.

Two mass shootings in two days in Georgia. On January 1, Governor Brian Kemp signed a new law saying you longer need a permit to carry a gun in Georgia. It’s the guns, stupid.

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2 Comments on “Fearful symmetry”

  1. Terry Leo Burns Says:

    How is Ron Deathsantis not mentioned as one of Harvard’s worst mistakes! Certainly deserves consideration

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