On thin ice

NHL Florida Panthers are restricting sales for their playoff home games against the Toronto Maple Leafs fans to American residents, in hopes of keeping Leafs fans from buying too many tickets and taking away their home ice atmosphere.

Well, I’m sure that won’t fire up Toronto fans or get them to ask American friends to buy tickets which they could pay them back for…

It’s now approaching three weeks SF Giants outfielder Bryce Johnson, 27, has been on injury concussion list with no return date in site. Johnson is a young man in top physical condition. After HIS concussion, is anyone testing Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is 81?

In NBA’s Western Conference, 1, 4,6 & play-in 7 seeds are left. In Eastern Conference it’s 2,3,5 & play-in 8.

League complains about fans being hurt by players sitting for load management, maybe NBA needs way to make regular season wins give a team a bigger playoff advantage?

Seems to me we could sum up the debt ceiling potential crisis in one sentence: Democrats believe we are obligated to pay our bills. Republicans don’t.

RIP Gordon Lightfoot. If you’re thinking about whether or not you should see one of those living legends from your youth when they’re touring — the answer is yes.

Montana legislator Zooey Zephyr is suing for being censured by Republicans. And look, no one said GOP has to like Zooey and what she says. But if annoying colleagues was grounds for censure or removal, for starters Ted Cruz and Rand Paul would be out of the U.S. Senate.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is now claiming he’s a “Kennedy Democrat.” Oh please, the only Kennedy he resembles is Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, who left Democrat party & now despite Vanderbilt/Oxford education pretends to be an “aw shucks Foghorn Leghorn” man of the people.

It’s Sunday. So are all the restaurants who decided to make a point about boycotting Bud Light over their partnership with a trans woman closed for business? Because if it’s all about God & Bible, I do remember that commandment – “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.”

Right wing media making a hero of 12 year old boy who said he was sent home from school to change his shirt that said “there are only two genders.” Uh, wait, I thought GOP is trying to legislate that children can’t talk about gender in school, period.

Spent weekend at New Orleans Jazz Fest, so feeling qualified to opine about bathrooms.

1. Porta potties are gender neutral so who cares?

2. With the bathrooms labeled mens/women; 99% of folks don’t give d*mn what your gender at birth was as long as you don’t dawdle & keep line moving.

First grade memory, going with my father Saturday night late to the newstand to pick up first edition of Sunday New York Times. There wasn’t a paper I grew up respecting more.

And now this BS headline “Rape Case Places Trump in Legal Jeopardy. Politically, He’s Thriving.”

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