You go girls

LSU was stronger team in the NCAA championship game than Iowa. But a whole lot of people who turned into NCAA women’s basketball for the first time are seeing Kim Mulkey, a big name coach, get away with things most coaches wouldn’t.

Somewhere Coach K is laughing,

Although have to figure, seeing a lot of complaining about Angel Reese trash talking/signing Caitlin Clark.

Wonder how much of it comes from hard-core sports fans. Now, I wanted Iowa to win. But you know who I haven’t seen whining about it? Caitlin Clark.

Just my opinion, it’s part of the game.

Four games into the season, SF Giants have been shut out twice, and scored 19 runs in their other two games.

Going to be that kind of year?

As much fun as a perp walk may be Tuesday, remember, we have a good man in the White House now. Hoping media covers what Joe Biden is up to… We can dream.

Am a major trivia fan and love the fact that maybe 20 years ago younger players may have a hard time answering the question “What was Donald Trump’s first indictment?”

If his first indictment makes you more likely to vote for Velveeta Voldemort then you can abandon all pretense of being part of the “Law and Order” party.

The way I handled 60 Minutes with Marge Three Names was the same way I usually handle Chuck Todd: Don’t watch him.

But guessing CBS figured it was worth having someone who supports domestic terrorists on for ratings. And those of us who were appalled would come back next week. So may I suggest instead on future Sunday nights watching ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball?

Disney CEO Bob Iger on Ron Santis’s actions “just to retaliate for a position the company took, is not just anti-business, but it sounds anti-Florida, and I’ll just leave it at that.” That moment when a CEO has more cojones than most of the medi

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