Out of gas?

As we approach the end, finally, of the NBA regular season, pretty clear there are a LOT of mediocre, or at least inconsistent NBA teams.

As of now 3 teams who are under .500 would make the play-in playoff round.

Under .500 wouldn’t even make the NIT in basketball.

Dan Snyder, the justifiably controversial owner of the Washington Commanders, under more investigations than perhaps any owner in sports, is apparently finally selling the team. He has two bids for $6 billion.

Snyder paid $800 million for the team in 1999. So a potential $5.1 BILLION dollar profit.

Yeah, that’ll teach him.

Apparently Tuesday was “Respect Your Cat Day.” Uh, isn’t EVERY day “Respect Your Cat Day?”

WTF CNN??. Attacking Biden today because in the 1980s he talked about raising social security age and in 1975 he said he wanted to sunset entitlements. Going back almost 50 years to both sides something is a bit rich, even for CNN. The network didn’t even exist until 1980.

Adam Kinzinger is pro-2nd amendment, but he points out you need license to drive a car. And you need to be 21 to drink. And cops have little chance against AR-15s. There are some common sense gun reforms we all should be able to agree on. Common sense now apparently disqualifies you from today’s GOP.

Seeing some right wing media types using “trans” in the headline about Nashville shooter. Imagine if a newspaper or MSNBC started most of their mass shooting headlines “heterosexual male shooter….” GOP heads would explode.

Give GOP credit for one thing. Guessing with all the attention, more kids now have seen Michelangelo’s David in all his naked glory than ever before.

So tired of hearing GOP BS excuse “criminals gonna criminal” and so thus nothing can be done about gun violence. Uh, so by that token do we stop charging people with murder, because criminals are going to kill?

Let’s be perfectly clear, many in GOP make a hero out of a teenager who crossed state lines with a gun he couldn’t legally own, and killed two people in Kenosha. But they want to make criminals of teenage girls who want to cross lines to legally terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

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