A real World Series?

Congratulations to Japan for winning the World Baseball Classic. Has the GOP blamed Biden for Team USA’s loss yet?

Shohei Ohtani struck out Trout, swinging, to end the WBC. It was Shohei’s first relief appearance in over 6 years. Who does Ohtani think he is, Madison Bumgarner?

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred wants more stars in 2026 WBC: “pitching staffs same quality as our position players.” Injuries can happen anywhere. But not all teams can afford to replace stars & pitchers need to build arm strength in spring so having them push too much can have serious consequences. Will Rob compensate pitchers still under team control not making big money, and small market teams?

ESPN reported suspended Alabama freshman DB, Tony Mitchell, former ESPN 100 player, driving 141 mph as he attempted to flee Florida police last week. Tony’s talented enough someone will give him 2nd chance, but he’s lucky we’re not talking about funerals..

New York Mets will open a membership only speakeasy behind Citi Field’s right-field fence this season called the Cadillac Club. It will cost $19,000 to 24,999 per seat, a private bar with field views, lounge seats, flat-screen televisions, in-seat storage, a concierge, food beer and wine with cocktails available…

But tell me again how billionaires need those tax cuts?

A Cuban baseball player defected during the World Baseball Classic. Wish him nothing but the best, but the difference between him and many other maligned would-be-refugees fleeing repressive regimes is athletic talent.

Anyone who can’t understand MAGAs who still support Donald Trump in the face of all evidence, please if you haven’t heard the term google “confirmation bias.”

It’s real. And incredibly powerful.

Remember folks, Dobbs decision was almost certainly leaked early by someone anti-choice in an attempt to control headlines, defuse outrage and maybe influence final decision. Why should Former Guy’s indictment decision be any different? A circus benefits him & his fundraising.

Kevin McCarthy today, railing against “political” investigations on behalf of his GOP cult leader. Qevin in 2015. “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee…What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping.

NYTimes headline “DeSantis, Doubling Down, Presses Questions About Trump’s Character In interview w/ Piers Morgan, Florida Governor sought to strike clear contrast w/ Donald Trump, calling himself low-drama “winner.”

By Maggie Haberman

So has Maggie found new horse to back for access?

Al Franken is guest hosting The Daily Show. Now I love watching Franken, but last night he told Lindsay Graham he was the funniest U.S. Senator. Sure what Al meant, being a Minnesotan and smart man, is Lindsay was the funniest MALE U.S. Senator.

Or he just forgot Amy Klobuchar

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