It’s NCAA March Madness bracket picking time.

Companies have been trying to get workers back to the office. Maybe this might help – when you pick an upset team that wins just because you liked their uniform color or mascot – it’s more fun to brag to your coworkers in person.

Phoenix Suns played at Chase Center tonight, but Kevin Durant, who still hasn’t played in San Francisco, was out with an ankle injury. If the Suns return to Chase in the playoffs and KD plays, will the evening giveaway be a flying pig?

Pence senior adviser Marc Short, talking about 2024 “Mike is in a different place where he can be sort of free and liberated in ways that I don’t think others in the field are.” This might be 1st time “free and liberated,” and “Mike Pence” have been used in the same sentence.

Dick Durbin at Big Tech Dominance/Consumer Protection antitrust hearing: “Amazon has 40% of e-commerce market in US, 6 times nearest competitor. Google has 93% of online search Apple has tight grip on 121 million + iPhone users.”

Paying lobbyists is cheaper than playing fair.

Don’t claim to know enough to have an informed opinion on the Willow project. It matters a lot to Alaskans.

But even as President Biden makes a decision popular in Alaska and probably with most Republicans the Fox News headline is only about (some) Democrats being angry with him. #cantwin

My phone changes Peter Thiel to Peter Thief and I have never liked auto correct more.

Republicans somehow trying to pin the SVB bank failure on Joe Biden are like people who insisted smoke detectors and sprinklers be removed to save money and then try to blame the new building manager when the building burns down.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott calling the fact that Silicon Valley Bank depositors will get their money back “This is CORPORATE CRONYISM from the Biden Administration. The American taxpayer should NOT be on the hook for this failure.

First, it’s the FDIC that will pay out.

Second, so Tim Scott is telling us none of his donors had money in the bank. If they did he’d be screaming Biden didn’t get them their money back fast enough.

Headline “Toxic Red Tide Is Back in Florida”

But besides Ron DeSantis and GOP legislature, a major algae bloom is hitting the state’s beaches.

Ron Deathsantis claiming SVB failed because it was too “woke.” The four biggest banks in Florida, Wells Fargo Bank, Truist, Bank of America,, Chase, ALL have diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) programs.

What’s Ron gonna tell Floridians to do? Put money under mattresses?

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One Comment on “Bracketology”

  1. Big Jon Says:

    FYI Alaska Willow Oil Drilling…

    The repugnants cleverly reduced oil taxes a while back, so now the state seldom benefits directly from new oil wells (other than the jobs it creates).

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