Slipping towards the weekend

Glad he’ll recover and yes, I know my better angels say never to laugh at anyone’s misfortune but…

NASCAR superstar Chase Elliott, who’d apparently never missed a Cup Start Series start in eight years, will be out for a while after successful surgery for a leg injury -resulting from a snowboarding accident in Colorado.

Think if your day job is racing cars at very high speeds around a track, just maybe for a hobby it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try something like fishing or pickleball?

Two arrests of star football players for reckless driving in the past two weeks… one in connection with a crash where two people died.

And Georgia Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart says the team doesn’t have a “culture problem.”

Georgia just repeated as NCAA national champions. So how does Smart define a culture problem? Losing football games?

Marriage isn’t easy and not rejoicing in anyone else’s troubles but the biggest shock about George and Kellyanne Conway’s divorce is that they actually made it 22 years.

If politicians are going to get their knickers in a knot over pronouns, then why don’t they all adopt the Southern solution? Call everyone “Y’all.”


If we didn’t already know the media is addicted to train wrecks, I give you their constant headline coverage of CPAC.

In Kansas, record number of voters, on bipartisan basis in 2022 turned out to vote for abortion rights. But Walgreens in Kansas has caved to a Republican AG who threatened the pharmacy chain on mifepristone. Wonder what would happen if an AG threatened them for selling Viagra?

So do Ron Deathsantis and his GOP cult members in Florida want to come after travel bloggers if they write about how his anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman policies are making Florida a less attractive vacation destination? Asking for a friend.


Hey supposed “pro-life” people. Gay relationships almost never result in abortions. Just saying.

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