Double coverage

Jalen Carter, part of Georgia’s national championship team, and a top NFL draft prospect, has now been charged with reckless driving and racing in connection with a January 15 crash, the night after the Bulldogs championship parade, that killed a teammate and a recruiting staff member.

The police claim he was racing the car of the two who died, although Carter originally claimed he was a mile away from the crash. .

So clearly this means major consequences for the star defensive tackle…. as in he might fall to a LATE first round pick?

The jersey worn by SF 49ers quarterback Joe Montana in two Super Bowl victories just sold for $1.212 million at auction, more than doubling the $480,000 paid for Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2022.

Uh oh, don’t tell Tom, he might have to un-retire to try to beat THAT record.-

NOT making this up. Fox News front page headline.

“President Biden, first lady’s restaurant order sparks strong reactions.” What did Joe and Jill do? They went to DC restaurant and ORDERED THE SAME PASTA dish. Gosh, by GOP standards today practically an impeachable offense.

Great news today! Bowing to pressure from President Biden & Democrats, Eli Lilly announced it will cap out-of-pocket cost of its insulin at $35 a month, & lower list price for several other products. Fox News isn’t trying to both sides this news. They’re just not covering it.

Reading about Supreme Court questioning in student loan relief case makes it seem likely conservative judges will rule forgiving student debt is an action that can only be taken by Congress. OK then, in 2024 we need to elect a Congress that will pass such legislation. #VoteBlue

In Judiciary hearing, AG Garland joked w/ Amy Klobuchar on antitrust issue – ” I would not comment but know all too well.” then added he wouldn’t try to match Mike Lee for quips

Klobuchar & Lee agree on little, but they are united against Ticketmaster. It’s a good thing.

Why hasn’t that gotten coverage?

And Josh Hawley in Judiciary & on Twitter is full of manufactured outrage today, mostly directed at Dems & AG Garland. But he’s also joined Sherrod Brown, JD Vance, Fetterman, Casey & Rubio to introduce Railway Safety Act of 2023. Crickets on that. Being reasonable hurts his brand?

J.D. Vance part of new bipartisan group introducing rail safety bill. And apparently he’s been working with Sherrod Brown in Ohio to help residents of East Palestine. Don’t get me wrong, Tim Ryan would have been much better, but is new Senator actually taking his job seriously?

Ted Cruz attacked Biden FAA Administrator nominee Phil Washington over his lack of aviation experience, and claims he’d support him IF he were qualified.

This excuse would be a lot more plausible if Cancun Cruz hasn’t opposed almost EVERYONE Biden has nominated for everything.

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