Nothing against Jayson Tatum, who is an incredible talent. But is there a more meaningless award than NBA All-Star game MVP?

One thing about NBA All-Star games – nobody plays defense. Which increasingly makes it like many NBA regular season games.

As a woman older than Nikki Haley I share in bipartisan outrage over Don Lemon’s stupid “past her prime” comments. OTOH, if he loses his job it might be less over the misogyny than this recent headline “CNN This Morning’ Is the Network’s Lowest-Rated Morning Show in a Decade.”

Do I always agree w/ Bernie Sanders? No. But he nailed this: “We’re fighting racism, sexism, we should also be fighting ageism… Look at people & say. this person is competent, this person is not….There are lot of 40 yr olds out there who aren’t particularly competent.”

As GOP loves to talk about parents’ rights in public education, has it ever occurred to them that liberals have children too?

This is not satire – From Velveeta Voldemort’s fundraising email “Either we ballot harvest in states where it’s legal, or you can say goodbye to our country, because Democrats would win EVERY election… That’s why we launched our own Trump for President Ballot Harvesting Fund”

So Velveeta Voldemort was a one term President, and GOP supporting many of his choices and his Big Lie” in 2022 had the worst midterms for a party out of power in recent memory. Why are Republicans still genuflecting before him?

Six people were killed in Mississippi Friday in America’s latest mass shooting. It barely & briefly made headlines. Fox News, which loves to blame Democrats over crime, said very little. Maybe because it was in a rural part of a deep red state and alleged killer is white?

It’s not just that Fox News hosts privately admit they knew it was “Big Lie.”

How about these stories this week, also not covered by right wing media.

Obama-era safety rule for high-hazard cargo trains was repealed under Trump

Former TX Right to Life official gets 5 yrs in prison for trying to meet 13 yr old girl for sex.

Woman in FL forced to carry dying fetus to term.

GOP can’t handle truth.

Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson , now a Texas congressman, is alleging a “cover up” with President Joe Biden’s recent physical exam. Thinking a man who said Velveeta Voldemort was 6’3″ & weighed 239 pounds should sit this one out.

From high school, I think there were about 12 Carter supporters in the school. I was one of them. Found Jimmy Carter inspirational then, and now.

For all that conventional wisdom had it that Jimmy Carter was an unpopular President, if Operation Eagle Claw, a 1980 mission to rescue Iran hostages, had succeeded, he’d almost certainly have been re-elected. But mechanical failures, bad weather and bad luck doomed the mission.

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