Groundhog night

If Tom Brady saw his shadow today does that mean he has six more weeks of retirement?

Patrick Mahomes “To be on the world stage & have 2 Black quarterbacks start in Super Bowl, it’s special. I’ve learned more & more about history of Black quarterback since I’ve been in league.” So how long until Ron DeSantis bans Super Bowl interviews being broadcast in Florida.

So Kevin McCarthy thought the most important use of GOP’s time today was a resolution denouncing socialism? Wonder, for starters, what people on social security and farmers who receive subsidies from the government think?

So GOP would be fine with Ilhan Omar on committees if she had just spoken about Jewish Space Lasers?

The College Board has bowed to Ron DeSantis and removed Ta-Nehisi Coates’ novels from AP African American studies courses. If you have a high school or college age son, daughter, relative or friend, and want to send them a book for a present, may I suggest Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “The Water Dancer?”

Tell them, truthfully, some people don’t believe students should be able to read it.

Mitch McConnell lied today and said that Warnock winning in Georgia was proof that Republicans didn’t make it too hard to vote. No, it was proof that Georgians were willing to overcome as many obstacles as necessary to vote. Voting is a right. It shouldn’t be a challenge.

If Marjorie Three Names walked into the House chamber with a Nazi symbol on her jacket Kevin McCarthy wouldn’t remove her from any committees.

Bill Clinton speaking today at White House on the Anniversary of Family and Medical Leave Act. Those who were too young to remember him as President should find a clip. He’s still got it.. “When you really know you’re not President any more…. They don’t play a song when you walk in the room, and you’re back on commercial aircraft.”

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