Battle of the aged.

Astros hang on barely for a 3-2 win. Dusty Baker and Justin Verlander are a combined 112 years old. Right about now they feel more like about 212.

Open message to some castigating Dusty Baker for leaving McCullers in too long in World Series Game 3, but now complaining he took Javier out too early in Game 4 after 97 no-hit pitches. There’s a reason Dusty is managing yet another MLB team deep into postseason & you’re not.

Even Tim McCarver listening to John Smoltz is thinking, “John, can you just STFU for a minute?”

Being born in South Africa and then immigrating from Canada, Muskrat could never run for President. Is his having bought Twitter his way of saying, “If I can’t be quarterback I’m going to buy and tank the team?

So if all of us real people on Twitter who take this app seriously refuse to pay $8 a month, a blue check will just mean you’re a sucker, paying for advertising, and/or being bankrolled by a PAC or foreign adversary?

Good news. Paul Pelosi has been released from hospital. Bad news: Conservative media like Fox News STILL refuses to acknowledge what this was – the planned assassination of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Georgia voters, forget flying plane. Would you trust Herschel Walker to pick up your kids from school & get them home safely? Or to be your cat or dog sitter when you were on vacation? Walker cannot be trusted, period. Especially in the Senate. Vote for Reverend Warnock.

Hey drama loving media. Here’s a question to get you some headlines. Ask GOP candidates POINT-BLANK on camera. “If you believe life begins at conception & you are anti-choice, will you be voting to ban IVF treatments?”

Stephen Colbert talking about Arizona Secretary of State GOP candidate Mark Finchem , part of “Stop the Steal, AND January 6 mob. “You don’t get to attack democracy & then ask to run it. That’s like a bank robber saying ‘put money in the bag but also a job application.”

Lost in election noise, Louis DeJoy still Postmaster General. My ballot’s been received but mailed papers for work 1st class certified mail from Calif to Chicago on Oct 27. On Nov 3 it’s still somewhere “in transit.” If you haven’t mailed ballot, drop it off in person.

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