Friday night alright…

The joy of baseball having no clock Until the 9th inning the SF Giants against the Milwaukee Brewers were flatter than Kyrie Irving believes the earth to be.

Washington reliever Sean Doolittle will undergo season ending surgery, following closer Tanner Rainey being placed on 60 day IL.

Will the last regular to leave the 2022 Nationals clubhouse please turn out the lights?

Hawaii, a state accessible only by air or boat, is a special case. But wonder what supposed “pro-life” GOP would do if California imposed a new COVID vaccine mandate and decided to stop or arrest who anyone unvaccinated (or without vaccine proof ) trying to enter the state?

At this point if President Biden could wave a magic wand and cause gasoline prices to fall $1 a gallon overnight, media would run stories on how Joe was hurting hardworking gas station owners.

So if you’re a woman and they stop you at the state border asking if you’re pregnant should you just tell them “nah, I’m traveling to buy a gun?” Asking for women already tired of this crap.

Newark Airport is apparently so far the worst airline in country in 2022 for cancelled flights. So in the midst of this travel summer from h*ll at least one thing is normal.

Remember when GOP and conservative media lost their collective sh*t over two romantically involved FBI agents saying in private messages they didn’t like Velveeta Voldemort? Now the entire Secret Service DELETED requested text messages from January 6 …and crickets.

Trying to imagine what would happen to average Americans being investigated if you told the police “I just deleted all my messages.”

Also I wanna know what would happen if a blue state decided to stop people who had researched assault rifles online from traveling to red states potentially to purchase banned weapons.

Senator Cory Booker is such a nice guy. Thinking when John Fetterman beats Dr. Oz in November and sends him home, Booker might send his fellow New Jersey resident a condolence care package of vegan cookies.

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