Limited losses.

Washington Nationals put closer Tanner Rainey on the 60-day IL with sprained UCL. Well, in the small mercies department, at least the last-place Nationals don’t have that many games to close.

The Toronto Blue Jays. 46-42, fired manager Charlie Montoyo today. Fans of the Los Angeles Angels, 38-50 despite a payroll near $200 million, wonder, was Montoyo fined for overachieving?

As schools like Texas, Oklahoma, USC and UCLA leave their conferences and tradition behind for the big bucks while pretending academics is a part of it, when is NCAA going to stop pretending that football players at many of these schools go to class?

If GOP wants to be able to investigate women’s personal behavior to see if they might be trying to travel to get an abortion, why not investigate men’s online behavior to see if they might be trying to travel to purchase a gun to kill people?

If you have a dog that bites someone and you know the dog bites, you can be held criminally liable. Velveeta Voldemort not only KNEW the mob was armed and dangerous, he wanted them to go to th

As GOP Senators line up to attack Democrats & Biden over gasoline prices & blackouts this summer, they’re leaving out 2 things: 1. Gas prices are falling. 2. State facing blackouts -telling residents not to use appliances & put thermosat at 78 degrees- is GOP controlled Texas.

It was 187 minutes from when Velveeta Voldemort left his speech in front of the White House on January 6 to when he told people to go home…

Jan 6 Committee next hearing to focus on those 187 minutes. I’m so old I when remember Rose Mary Woods’ 18 minutes gap was considered proof Nixon had something to hide.

Besides all other BS about Hunter Biden’s laptop, both Joe Biden & his only surviving son admit Hunter is recovering addict trying to rebuild his life.. Not one member of Velveeta Voldemort’s family or inner circle has admitted mistakes or taken responsibility for anything.

As Ali Velshi on MSNBC plays that horrible video of the 90 minutes or so of the Uvalde school shooting, he adds: “Austin American-Statesman makes the decision to remove the sound of children screaming.”

ALL Americans should be screaming over police response & coverup.

Fox News and GOP politicians all over higher gas prices. Prices fall – crickets. Fox and some GOP politicians question accuracy of raped and pregnant Ohio 10 year old girl. Story is proven true – crickets. See the pattern?

As Stephen Miller trended today on Twitter, I take a certain amount of pride that when I made a Rosemary’s Baby joke about his wife being pregnant, James Woods blocked me.

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