Ahead of the game.

So when Republicans hear about a big win for Early Voting are they gonna try to get him disqualified? #PreaknessStakes

Lots of headlines “Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship.” So is anyone actually winning the tournament?

It’s May 20. So if the NBA finals goes seven games, we are exactly a month from the NBA finals..

Jif Peanut Butter has a recall of many of its peanut butters due to salmonella. But hey, assume this means MAGA’s will just stockpile and continue eating the products – it’s only science.

The fact that some in GOP are trying so hard to suppress votes now indicates they are still afraid of people voting in 2022 They’ll only stop trying when they think they have permanently rigged elections going forward.

Almost no politics tonight on NBC SNL – l Not methinks that there was no material, but maybe for their season finale SNL figured…no way we can write satire that outdid some of this week’s reality.

As Republicans try to get Americans to lose faith in elections, remember that most state legislatiors, every GOP member of the House and 1/3 of GOP Senators were themselves elected in 2020.

Got phone text message from son w/ picture taken today at Incredible Hulk Coaster, which we rode when he was a child. Captioned only “still a great ride.” And on laptop just now got ad for Universal Studios. Still think we don’t need legislation to protect consumer data privacy?

Seen on “Hungary Today.” “Tucker Carlson, One of most influential people on American political right couldn’t be at CPAC so sent video message saying “Hungary is free, decent & beautiful country that cares about its people..” Fox News didn’t mention it. Hoping we didn’t find out?

Marco Rubio is whining about his campaign emails supposedly going to spam & blaming it on Google because they supposedly favor Val Demings who he calls a “Pelosi Puppet.” Uh, Marco. 1. Demings is no one’s puppet. 2. Since GOP now is all about projection, whose puppet are you?

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