Game 7s

Four game sevens today in basketball and hockey.

And if you are a fan of close games… hope you were watching NHL.

(Both NHL games went to OT, the closer of the two NBA games was decided by 28 points..

Some day the there will be a baseball trivia question “Once the DH was added, who was the first NL player to pitch and hit a home run in the same game?” And the answer will be the SF Giants’ Luis Gonzalez.

At one point in the midst of his two scoreless innings, SF Giants’ Luis Gonzalez threw a pitch at 45. Then one at 85. As ESPN announcer says, “the widest variance of any two pitches in the history of the game.” (And after a swing through strike at 85 he gets a popup on another 45 mph pitch.)

And then he hit a home run off Albert Pujols – “Just call me Ohtani.”

The Cincinnati Reds are looking at a historically bad season…

If they end up worse than the 120 loss 1962 Mets, Sunday might be a highlight/lowlight – a no-hitter LOSS to the Pirates. And to add insult to ingury… because the game was in Pittsburgh it was a complete game loss where Pirates didn’t need to bat in the 9th, and the no-hitter doesn’t count.

GOP wants to keep BOOKS they consider dangerous out of the hands of teenagers. But they are fine with assault weapons in the hands of teenagers.

We didn’t even get the mass shooting clock in America reset to one.

Don’t think all Republicans are racists. And not all GOP members of Congress represent deep red districts or states. So why are NONE of them after the Buffalo terrorist’s massacre condemning hateful white supremacy and the lie of the “Great Replacement Theory?”

Conservatives have been all over liberals anytime a politician or someone in media makes a comment viewed as incendiary and provoking violence.

And I admit that some liberals have said stupid things on occassion.

So why crickets from them on Tucker Carlson pushing “great replacement theory?”

Buffalo mass murder suspect said he was influenced by man who in 2019 murdered 51 people at New Zealand mosques & several others including the 2015 Charleston church murderer. Apparently, the killer forgot to name Tucker Carlson.

Aaron Salter was heroic security officer who was murdered at Buffalo supermarket. Salter was a TRAINED “good guy with a gun.” Who shot the killer to try to save lives. But the suspect had body armor so was unharmed. Is NRA going to say now our kids & teachers need body armor too?

Not a Pennsylvania voter and don’t claim to know everything about the Democratic Senate candidates. But I do know: John Fetterman is better than all GOP options Malcolm Kenyatta is better than all GOP options Conor Lamb is better than all GOP options #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

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