10 games to go, an eternity in baseball. But September 22. “Single digit magic number.” Nine. Just like we all expected in 2021 for SF Giants.

You know you’re a SF Giants fan at least back to 1993 when you see Colorado Rockies take a 10-5 lead on the LA Dodgers and your first thought is “How are the Rockies going to scr*w this up?” #BeatLA

(in 1993, the Rockies lost all 13 games they played against the Atlanta Braves. Who beat the SF Giants by…one game.)

Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown, reportedly vaccinated, has tested positive for COVID-19. Of course, he may have been observing protocols, but this is the same AB who frostburned “his feet by entering a cryotherapy machine without the proper footwear…”

As Rachel Maddow keeps talking about Republican controlled legislatures trying to give themselves power to overturn elections, wonder what would happen if Democrats in California decided to override any close races won by Republicans?

Maddow also talking about Alaska hospitals now joining Montana and some in Idaho, Kentucky, etc in rationing & triaging care because of an overload of COVID patients. Wonder what all these states have in common? #DyingToOwnTheLibs? More like “Killing Grandma To Own The Libs.”

Maine Senator Susan Collins is endorsing former Maine Governor Paul LePage’s efforts in his efforts to regain his old job. Yes, the same Paul LePage who said “I was Donald Tr*mp before Donald Tr*mp became popular.”

Texas Senator John Cornyn “The truth is there is no voter suppression epidemic.” This is presumably why red states like Texas have decided that the rules need to be changed going forward.

Wrap your head around this one. Florida’s new surgeon general, appointed by Gov. Ron Deathsantis, issued new rule that allows unvaccinated students exposed to someone w/ COVID-19 to attend school without restrictions or masks until & unless they get symptoms. People. Will. Die.

Mitch McConnell says Democrats should not play Russian roulette with our economy. Apparently that’s Republicans’ job.

California has the lowest coronavirus transmission rate of any state right now – 94 cases per 100,000. Gosh, almost as if if mask and vaccine mandates work.

In all seriousness, looking at some of these dragged out Senate confirmation votes, are some of these GOP Senators voting against some of President Biden’s nominations for any reason OTHER than their being President Biden’s nominations?

Amy Klobuchar on with Chris Hayes pointing out “There is a BAN on Medicare negotiating cheaper prices on behalf of seniors. This is not really a liberal-moderate divide…”

Sigh. This is a big pharma vs everyone else divide.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst whining about the “rush” to get infrastructure bill passed allegedly because Congress isn’t doing its work on time… Maybe if GOP weren’t wasting all our time holding up many of President Biden’s non-controversial nominations

2366 reported COVID deaths yesterday in the US. I’m so old I remember when over 2,000 deaths, heck even over 1,000 a day, was considered shocking and terrifying.

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