Bronze glitters too…

Paying for it tonight, but this was worth staying up for…

NBC wonders why ratings are so low. While despite my thinking Olympics shouldn’t happen at all, Stayed up until 3a streaming Simone Biles & Suni Lee. And tonight late night coverage on NBC is that same event -plausibly live. Back to a bit of diving until bedtime on USA Network.

Not sure what would be more terrifying – backflips off a 10 meter platform diving board? Or backflips on a 4 inch wide balance beam? Not that I could ever do a backflip anyway.

Couldn’t really root against Madison Bumgarner tonight. But didn’t cost SF Giants a game in the standings. Thank You Astros.

I’ve done voter registration at events for years. Many smart people must be reminded of things like listing “county,” not just state & city. Or to date form. In Georgia, absentee ballot has voters put signature & birthday on envelope. Not date of voting. It’s designed to fail.

Hillary Clinton supported Shontel Brown Bernie Sanders supported Nina Turner. #StillWithHer

Personally while I have no problem with a big blue tent I’m happy that a DEMOCRAT won the Democratic primary in Ohio’s 11th Congressional District. (For those who don’t pay much attention to state/local races, Nina Turner was a big Bernie Sanders supporter, wouldn’t endorse Clinton, flirted with being Jill Stein’s running mate, and compared voting for Biden to eating a bowl of sh*t.)

Ted Cruz and Rafael Warnock have a bipartisan amendment on the infrastructure bill? Cruz and Warnock agree on anything? What time does the devil’s ice rink open tonight?

And Senator Tom Carper of Delaware just concurred, saying anytime that Cruz and Warnock agree who are we to say “no?” The amendment will pass with a voice vote.

So what I really want to know, as Ted Cruz & Reverend Warnock ended up introducing bipartisan amendment to infrastructure bill… who approached the other first? (If as I assume it was the Senator from Georgia, I have even great appreciation for his future leadership abilities.)

Fox News headlines pretending to be on the side of women in attacking Andrew Cuomo over the sexual harassment investigation is proof that irony has a regular table for conservative media

Missing Rachel Maddow on her (well-deserved) vacation. But Nicolle Wallace is a nice and pleasant surprise subbing for her tonight. MSNBC, guessing I’m not the only one who thinks so!

It is NOT flip-flopping policy. It is a mutating virus. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the anti-evolution party can’t see the difference. #WearAMask

Who says there’s no bipartisan agreement in this country? Both Republicans and Democrats think Democrats credibly accused of sexual assault should resign.

Wonder if Andrew Cuomo could save his job by switching to become a Republican?

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