Winning weekend

Congrats to Hideki Matsuyama, first Japanese Masters Champion. Which means at next years Masters Champions Dinner he gets to pick the menu. Of course it IS Georgia? Fried sushi, anyone?

NY Pitcher Marcus Stroman was upset the Mets Marlins game Sunday was started in the rain, and lasted just seven minutes before being suspended after an over two hour rain delay. Well, the Mets did score as many runs during the delay as they did all game Saturday for Jacob DeGrom.

Don’t look now, but the SF Giants might be a decent baseball team. Or at least not as awful as they were expected to be.

St. Cloud State lost 5-0 in the Frozen Four men’s ice hockey championship to U Mass and were never really in the game. Not sure if UMass will get a call to the White House. But maybe St. Cloud State might have gotten a sympathy call from Gonzaga?

CNN reports increasing storm threat across central Florida causing delays at major airports Sunday. Well, why doesn’t Florida Gov. Ron De Santis just ban weather reports? Like COVID-19 warnings, it’s only science.

Senator Ted Cruz responding to John Boehner’s criticism now by saying “I think he was probably recording at nine or ten in the morning so obviously he had too much wine that day already.” So Ted is trying to remind us that he himself is this obnoxious even when he’s sober?

Tony Blinken said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the U.S. will be “the world leader on helping to make sure the entire world gets vaccinated.” Might be easier to get most of the world vaccinated than some of the Former Guy’s U.S. cult members

Within reason, I’m an ends justify the means kind of person… so keep thinking of how to get more Americans vaccinated: What if we get some of these “bros” a free drink of their choice while they wait 15 minutes after their vaccine? Could call it “Shots for shots.”

So if we could get a rumor going that COVID causes a man’s private parts to shrink permanently would that make men less vaccine adverse?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, trying to be a political heir to the Former Guy, is making his brand “competent Trumpism.” Talk about an oxymoron.

How long will it take for Fox News to somehow blame Joe Biden for Hideki Matsuyama, a non-American, winning the Masters? And will they assume Matsuyama is from China?

Someday dissertations will be written on the codependent Stockholm syndrome relationship media has with The Former Guy.

Amazingly many of these Republicans who are still trying to feed us the “Big Lie” about the 2020 election haven’t figured out the logical contradiction in themselves being elected in 2020.

Matt Gaetz is saying his accusers and detractors are part of the Deep State. Uh, if it makes you a card-carrying member of the Deep State now if you believe adult men should not have sex with 17 year old girls, then I not only want my Deep State card, I want it laminated.

As vaccine hesistancy soon may become more of a problem than vaccine supply, perhaps it might help to demand all members of Congress who have been vaccinated admit it publicly.

There’s a reason there are no pictures of the Former Guy getting COVID vaccine. Or Ted Cruz, Or Josh Hawley, etc. They’re smart enough to get the shot, but need the support of those they’ve convinced to think science is a hoax.

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