The last straw?

Les Miles was fired as head football coach following allegations of improper behavior towards female students while at LSU.

Of course, Miles, 67, was 3-18 in 2 years at Kansas, including 0-9 record in 2020. Wonder if he’d have been fired if he was winning.

So Miles hasn’t been a great coach, and he’s behaved badly with young women…. What’s his next act? Running for Senate in Alabama?

I wish LeBron James had come out & said “Heck, yes, I’m getting a vaccine as soon as I can.” But just spitballing, James is not close to any priority groups for COVID vaccine, is it possible he has a chance to get one early, or already did get vaccinated, and doesn’t want to flaunt that he can jump the line?

If you’re upset about Andrew Cuomo but don’t give a damn about Madison Cawthorn and Ronny Jackson you’re either a hypocrite or might need to get out of your TV/social media bubble.

Imagine if the Former Guy were still in charge? Besides incompetence, he’d be withholding vaccines from blue states and limiting supplies anytime someone, even a Republican, annoyed him

Again, if COVID-19 vaccine weren’t safe and effective, why do we all have stories of rich and/or well-connected people we know who have worked hard to cut the line or game the system to get THEIR vaccine?

Some in media whining that Joe Biden hasn’t had a true solo Press Conference. But President Biden has made plenty of public appearance and taken questions. Wonder if the media going through withdrawal not being insulted by our President regularly?

Some wonder why American right-wing media is now attacking Harry and Meghan after their interview with Oprah.

Well, it might be more than just racism against Meghan. Remember this adorableness?

So all of those supporters of the #FormerGuy who were against Biden’s COVID relief plan aren’t going to cash their checks, right?

So President Biden may have blanked on Secretary of Defense’s name today in speech? Uh, guessing if zoom calls didn’t have names in little squares pretty sure most of us would be forgetting coworker names on daily basis.

I’ve seen folks mess up just when someone on a call is using family members account.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt isn’t running in 2022 And it’s measure of how far we’ve fallen that with Blunt being 100% GOP vote on most things, but seemingly a reasonable human being, that him leaving Senate is teeniest bit disappointing. But ok, now let’s flip his seat blue!

And NO, I am not saying I’d ever vote for Roy Blunt.

But for example, as GOP top member of the Rules committee, Blunt joined with Amy Klobuchar to certify Electoral College results at 4a after the insurrection January 6. And then he partnered with Klobuchar (okay, he probably let her do most of it) on the inaugural ceremony.

Just IMAGINE, if the ranking GOP member of the rules committee had been someone like Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz…

Let’s make it simple: If you HONESTLY believe your policies are what a majority of Americans want, then you won’t try to stop a majority of Americans from voting.

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One Comment on “The last straw?”

  1. Paul Moertl Says:

    I love your emails. Keep up the good work for this one and all liberals!

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