Not that jazze.

So how thrilled is the NBA ratings machine going to be if the Western Conference Champions turn out to be the Utah Jazz?

Hoping Tiger Woods makes a full recovery. But as this is his third car incident in 12 years, when he does recover, perhaps the company he should partner with for an endorsement is Lyft. (or Uber?)

The Washington Football Team has announced they won’t have a new name until 2022. Which is okay, we got a new name in 2021 on the important place in DC – the White House.

Katharine McPhee, 36, and her husband David Foster, 71, have had a baby boy. I see a great endorsement opportunity for father-son diapers.

Still livid about Capitol Police Officer Carneysha Mendoza’s chemical burns. Can you imagine how livid Senate GOP would be if someone from Women’s March or BLM had so much as spilled hot coffee and burned a Capitol Police Officer?

An FBI warning about a “war on Congress” was sent to DC and Capitol police in an email Jan 5, the night before the Jan 6 insurrection.

Let me put this in travel agent terms. If airline has a major schedule change months in advance, you send an email (& follow up.) If an airline cancels flight for next morning, you call IMMEDIATELY.

So is the actual issue with Neera Tanden’s tweets that GOP Senators feel real leadership never means having to say you’re sorry?

I’m really looking forward to the day when just one hour of CNN’s breaking news is that there is no breaking news.

How simply does it have to be spelled out? Many of the January 6 insurrectionists weren’t worried about being “caught.” Because they were expecting to be rewarded by their cult leader.

Tonight, Rachel Maddow referred to Trump henchman Louis DeJoy in his hearing today as “truculent.”

“Truculent” is a great word.

DeJoy is a horrible postmaster general.

If you didn’t already love Dr. Biden. Asked by a virtual member of Kelly Clarkson’s audience what she’s most looking forward to doing in a world post-COVID-19, Jill’s response “I don’t know. Maybe go and have a martini and some french fries.’

Many Republicans were more outraged that Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn’t finish her cheese plate, than they were by Capitol Police Officer Carneysha Mendoza’s chemical burns from January 6.

As the lawyer for the woman accused of stealing Pelosi’s laptop says her recently unearthed pro-Nazi video was a joke, so were “Camp Auschwitz” t-shirts a joke too?

Love it, on a zoom and one of the participants got reminded he was “on mute.” His apology “Sorry, that was so 2020.”

CNN reporting acting Capitol Police Chief says VP Pence might have been kept from going to the Capitol on January 6 if there had been better intelligence. Uh, so it was okay to put the rest of Congress at risk with inadequate protection?

Joe Manchin will support Deb Haaland’s confirmation. Good, now she won’t have to go after him with her Native American Space Laser?

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