Hair raising.

Two members of the Kansas City Chiefs are in COVID-19 protocol isolation because of close contact with…. a barber? Hoping it works out for them but have to assume millions of Americans who haven’t had hair trimmed for a year just might be giggling.

Fanatics, the “official e-commerce partner of NFL” says Tom Brady merchandise is now best-selling by an NFL player ever for 2-week period between AFC/NFC championship & Super Bowl.

Does it come with a senior discount?

So will GameStop stores soon be selling Beanie Babies?

If Biden administration worked like Velveeta Voldemort administration, the 13 Senators who voted against Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary could kiss federal money for their roads goodbye.

There are a few controversial Cabinet choices But what exactly are the 13 Senators who voted against Pete Buttigieg using for a reason, other than that Joe Biden picked him?

Listening to Sanders talk about COVID-19 relief, he makes, as usual, a number of good points. Why does Bernie’s tone always sound like he’s telling the rest of us to get off his lawn?

When did “issues with food security” replace “going hungry?”

On Rachel Maddow,, am reminded that few in the Democratic party are as good at eulogies as Cory Booker. . Sad that he had to be doing it tonight for a Capitol Police officer.

Sadder still that the eulogy is because of insurrection caused by our then President.

We CANNOT “move on.”

Regarding this metal detector controversy in the House. Seems pretty logical: We had terrorists attack planes, we put metal detectors in airports. We had terrorists attack the Capitol, we put metal detectors at entrances to the chambers.

Meanwhile, when I briefly switched over to Fox News, they were showing, as Officer Sicknick’s remains arrived at the Capitol, an interview with Scott Atlas attacking Dr. Fauci. (Later, apparently they still didn’t show the service, but did show an interview with Eric Trump whining.)

Apparently to GOP and conservative media, Blue Lives Matter only if their deaths can be pinned on brown or black people.

Lindsay Graham just said the November election was “close” from the Electoral College point of view.

306 to 232. And some wonder why Democrats accuse Republicans of being bad at math.

Also Graham “This will be the first time we spend $1.9 trillion based on one party’s point of view.” Uh, the 2017 Tax Cuts say “Hi.

And then Lindsey closes his speech against COVID-19 relief. “If you’re looking for unity, this is a lousy way to do it.” Now it’s Merrick Garland’s turn to say “Hi.”

Mitt Romney quoted an article today saying GOP “isn’t big enough to have both conservatives and kooks.” I’m not sure – “Conservatives and kooks” would look great on a t-shirt.

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