Oh is there an election?

 Starting with a bit of sports outrage. The NY Giants thought they had a chance for an upset in overtime when a defensive pass interference was called against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the Giants had pulled the game to within 25-23 with 28 seconds left in the game and were attempting a 2 point conversion.

But then the officials conferred, and picked up the flag. Presumably after consulting the rule book… which says, especially late in a game, no call should ever go against Tom Brady’s team.

Going to be an interesting Sunday Night Football next week against the Saints.

Meanwhile NFL is looking at a 16 team playoff if more games get cancelled due to COVID. If they keep this up we’ll soon be looking at almost all teams in the NFC except the NFC East.

Meanwhile, a President who thinks he’s going to be re-elected in a landslide doesn’t turn the White House into a virtual bunker with a non-scalable wall the day before the election. Period.

As Donald tweets pictures of himself dancing on “stage”at 3am, It might just be possible that Joe Biden will be up dancing Tuesday at 3am.But if so, he’ll be slow dancing quietly with Jill at home.And he won’t be tweeting it.

Two beautiful words – “President-elect Biden.”

Like many other Americans I don’t know what tomorrow’s final vote count will be. But I am pretty sure of one thing – we are going to be looking at the biggest gender gap in Presidential election history

Here’s a fun and hopeful thought for my friends in Florida. Trump says he won’t return to Minnesota if they vote for Joe Biden. Does this mean if Florida goes blue Donald will abandon Mar-A-Lago?

An optimistic thought on election eve. California often leads the way for our country. And from 1952, except for 1964, California was a RED state. Bill Clinton flipped it, and we haven’t looked back since.

One lovely thing in the midst of this election madness is the reminders – especially over the last few days -of how wonderful it is to listen to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama points out that Joe Biden was his VP for eight years “I think we’d all know if he were a secret Socialist by now.

Used to run cross country, coach taught us not to run out of gas before finish line, but goal was to JUST make it across line, so we knew we’d given it our all. That’s how I feel tonight w/ election. Running on fumes but not planning to leave anything out there.

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