Short stint.

Trevor Ariza with 29-37 Blazers, and Davis Betrans with 24-40 Wizards, are both opting out of the NBA restart in Orlando.
Well, not like either Portland or Washington will be around long anyway.


MLB owners today voted to proceed with 2020 season of indeterminate length based on March 26 agreement.
Uh, I miss baseball as much as anyone but looking at COVID-19 spikes in Arizona, Florida and Texas, wonder if they’ll get more than about four-five games in.

A man found dead in ocean near Diamond Head last week turns out to have been Oklahoma tourist who was supposed to be obeying Hawaii’s 14-day quarantine law. Give the guy a socially-distanced Darwin award.

Yikes. Did not have Saharan Dust Cloud on my 2020 Apocalyptic Bingo Card.

All families have issues. But when you need to claim your own NIECE had to sign an NDA, your family might have more issues than normal.

Trump now bragging about ratings on Fox News for his empty seat rally. Well to be fair, his riff on the ramp was a funnier and more absurd monologue than some of SNL’s skits.

Time for a double pool. 1. When will Trump deny the Vanity Fair article saying campaign manager Parscale is on the way out? 2. When will Donald fire Brad?

In all seriousness, since even the most servile lackeys end by being thrown under the Trump bus, why would ANYONE now take a job in this White House?

Trump planning to sign an executive order to halt temporary work visas for skilled workers, managers & au pairs in the H-1B, H-4, H-2B, L-1 and J categories. Has someone explained to Donald this covers a lot of workers at his golf clubs, hotels and resorts?

Can’t wait until many Trump supporters realize his new executive order banning work visas, including for au pairs, means they may have to start taking care of their own children.

As I understand Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s latest idiocy, which says not everyone with COVID-19 in ICU gets counted case unless they are actually receiving  INTENSIVE CARE,  maybe they have to be almost dying to be reported?   For example Amy Klobuchar’s husband, who was very sick in March with COVID-19, was on oxygen in the ICU but not a ventilator, so he wouldn’t have counted?“ WTAF

NY Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who attacked Hillary regularly over her emails, today called Biden a “flawed candidate running a flawed campaign” And defended herself by saying even Biden supporters joke about him staying in the basement.

Uh, Heck, doesn’t matter who Democratic nominee would be at this point. Even if were much younger Klobuchar or even younger Pete Buttigieg, the way Trump has been melting down, staying in a basement and watching Donald dig himself holes might be best strategy for ANY candidate.

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