Now it’s 23 Clemson players testing positive. If COVID-19 weren’t so deadly & our President wasn’t so incompetent this would be a great time for a joke about this might be the most tests top college “student-athletes” have actually taken in recent memory.


Just wondering, if Gov. Ron DeSantis screwed up Florida’s re-opening so badly NBA has to cancel their season, how long until league tries to sue him and the state?

Reminder from the late great former Texas Governor Ann Richards, quoted in PBS’s Great Performances – “Ann” “If you don’t participate (by voting), you let other people make decisions for you.”

It would be really petty of Joe Biden to give a speech on an elevated platform and then march briskly down the ramp afterwards. But I would be so here for it.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today he’s now considering a quarantine order for travelers from Florida. Does that include now Florida resident Donald Trump?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blames coronavirus rise in his state on ‘overwhelmingly Hispanic’ workers. At this point DeSantis is being loathsome enough can only assume he’s angling for position in Trump administration.

Watching GOP Senate now is like watching the Wizard of Oz. Except that the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion thought it was a bad thing to live without brains, a heart and courage.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said mask wearing “has to be voluntarily because the Constitution is not suspended just because there is a virus.” So why, for starters, doesn’t DeSantis also suspend the state’s seat-belt laws and speed limits?

Actually, comparing masks to seat belts is wrong.  Seat belts are to save your own life. Wearing a mask says you also give a damn about lives of others.

It’s quite simple actually: If you don’t believe the doctors who tell you to wear a mask, then there’s no use wasting your time seeing those same doctors when you get COVID-19. Pass it on.


Don’t advocate violence at all but is there a way to tag Trump rally attendees tomorrow with something like semi-permanent Magic Marker or paint so those Americans who do believe in doctors and science can avoid them?


So who had SDNY attorney on this Friday’s night Trump purge list?

Even better, who had “refusing to be fired’ on the list.

Finally, let me take break from snark to say I don’t think I’ve never been prouder of a candidate I supported. Amy Klobuchar grew in my estimation when she instantly pivoted to support Biden before Super Tuesday & even more in her withdrawal last night. She is a true leader and unifier. Thank you, Amy.

(Secretary of State or Senate Majority Leader Klobuchar both have nice rings to them.)

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