Fumble recovery

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy,  after fallout from him wearing an “OAN” network t-shirt has apologized to his players “Once I learned how that network felt about Black Lives Matter, I was disgusted and knew it was completely unacceptable to me.”

With all due respect,  claiming you don’t know that OAN feels about Black Lives Matter is like claiming you don’t know how ESPN feels about baseball teams not named the Red Sox and Yankees.

Rachel Maddow “”We are not a well-run country right now.”

We have another nominee for understatement of the year.

And since I miss baseball can I suggest the sports version of Rachel’s comment.  “Our country is now the equivalent of the 1962 Mets. Run by less lovable idiots.”

As hotels are announced for NBA teams at Disney World, I think I speak for all comedy writers in saying it’s a real shame the Knicks aren’t part of this. The jokes just write themselves with “Mickey Mouse Organization.”

Is it overkill if you see someone disregarding “one-way/do not enter” aisle signs in grocery store to politely remind them of it. And then when they ignore you to feel like throwing a can or something at them? Asking for a friend who’s had enough of COVIDiots.

Have to ask…Trump didn’t try to sue over Bob Woodward’s book “Fear”, which was deeply sourced by a Pulitzer Prize winning writer with impeccable credentials.
So what does Bolton have that really scares Donald?


Years from now, when our grandchildren whine about life being tough, will just living through 2020 be all of our equivalent of past generations’ “I walked to school in snow for miles, uphill, both ways?

So has Gov. Brian Kemp used the same strategies to remove people from Georgia’s COVID-19 count as he used to remove residents from the state’s voting rolls?


So if testing is the only reason we have a spike in coronavirus cases will Trump administration next ban breathalyzers and declare that they have eradicated DUIs?

So now we know the real reason Trump came down that escalator 5 years ago to announce his candidacy. He was scared of using a ramp.

But yeah, as we look back on that Trump Tower escalator ride Donald took five years ago, can’t help but wonder – what would the world be like now if he stumbled on that escalator then like he did Saturday on that ramp?



As Texas COVID-19 infections spike, Greg Abbott criticizes young people for not taking coronavirus seriously. Yes, is same Gov. who opened churches, youth camps & recreational sports programs for youth & adults w/ NO capacity restrictions 2 wks ago. Would be funny if not so sad.

As Trump keeps pushing his Tulsa rally and his Jacksonville convention – can I suggest a new slogan for Biden? “It won’t kill you to support Joe.”

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  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    A recent study has shown that steroid use promotes longevity. Confirming that Barry Bonds is one of baseball’s immortials

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