Past time.

Do I think baseball is boring. Hell no.

Do I think that this back and forth between owners and MLBPA is boring as hell. Yes.

Figure it out, gentlemen.   And if it’s safe, play ball.

You know the world has at least temporarily changed when ESPN actually has headlines about a golf tournament this weekend, and Tiger Woods isn’t involved.

Watching Trump struggle with stairs makes me wonder, what does he do when he hits his golf ball down into a bunker?


“As U.S. senators we can’t be silent…unfortunately legislators aren’t speaking out against president when he oversteps bounds…when he’s producing executive orders in threat to Congress that won’t do as he wishes. He’s become a dictator.” Joni Ernst in 2014, about Barack Obama

To be honest, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions always sounded like the name of one of Scarlett O’Hara’s suitors in “Gone With the Wind.”

Let’s be very clear. If someone told Mitch McConnell  hat Trump had advanced dementia and was very unwell, the only thing it would change for Senator Majority Leader McConnell to increase his urgency to confirm GOP judges.

Let’s put this in a simple statement: If Joe Biden were seen hesitantly mincing his way down a ramp like POTUS was seen on Saturday, Trump and GOP would be calling for him to step aside as Democratic nominee. Period. #rampgate

Trump tweeted “Ramp I descended after West Point Commencement speech was very long & steep, no handrail, most importantly, very slippery. Last thing I was going to do is “fall” for Fake News to have fun with. Final 10 feet I ran down to level ground. Momentum!” 2 words   “Sure, Jan”

Joe Biden can drink water with one hand. Pass it on.

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