Fore who the bell tolls?

PGA Tour had a moment of silence Thursday at 8 46 am for George Floyd. This would upset Trump if he cared about golf….

A tangential thought on NASCAR driver Ray Ciccarelli, who just quit the sport over a racist flag. Ciccarelli is an Italian name, in early 20th century through WWII Italian immigrants faced a serious amount of prejudice in US. So much for historical awareness.


Uh, Grandpa, it’s “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” And your caps lock key is stuck again.  You’re welcome.

On a random nonpolitical note, anyone but me glad to still have a landline because it means you can call your cellphone when you misplace it?

Okay, who’s at the top of the list for Trump firing bingo this Friday night? So many people who’ve shown glimmers of principle, so little time….


I went to school before there were police on most campuses. And my ideal solution involves better gun control. But when schools reopen, if we get police out, in short run are we going to stop school shootings by arming more teachers? Asking for a confused country.

Seriously CNN – they just referred to Kamala Harris as “The most prominent African American woman in the Senate?”! Uh, Kamala is the ONLY African American woman in the Senate.

Let’s be very very clear. We don’t know everything about COVID-19 transmission; we do know it’s seriously reduced if people wear masks. And constant, even increasing disdain for masks, along w/ resulting death increases are & will be the fault of one man – Donald Trump. Period.

Trump talking about National Guardsmen being deployed to Minneapolis “I’ll never forget the scene, it’s not supposed to be beautiful but to me it was…And yes there was some tear gas and probably some other things, and the crowd dispersed.” He. Is. Insane.

Donald Trump in Dallas on dealing with with bigotry and prejudice in America: “I think we’re going to do it very easily and quickly and it’ll go very easily.” Something like 15 bigots down to zero? #WTF?

In case you missed it, in all of Trump’s ramblings about police today, he did not mention George Floyd once.

Btw, Trump’s “Transition to Greatness” event in Texas Thursday was an official White House event, not a campaign event.  Why does that matter?

Means we taxpayers paid for it.


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