Not quite sellouts.

Florida “now allowing eateries, stores, museums & other businesses in 64 counties to welcome customers at 25% capacity.” So since that’s business as usual what time this weekend is the Marlins game?

You know it’s been too much politics and too little sports when you see NC Dinos trending on Twitter, and instead of realizing they’re a South Korean baseball team you think it’s North Carolina Democrats acting like Republicans.

And yes, the VP race is the only game in town… and look, not a big believer in polls anyway, but with recent CBS poll showing most Democrats prefer Elizabeth Warren as Joe Biden’s running mate, wouldn’t you think if Dems really felt that way more of them would have voted Warren (or Sanders) in the Primary?


In the “small mercies” department, just guessing that tomorrow USA will set one good record – lowest number in recent memory of DUI arrests and death on Cinco De Mayo.

Another small mercy I didn’t see coming.  After CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine  a longtime opponent of LGBTQ rights, on Monday night gave Anderson an unsolicited, and seemingly heartfelt  “Congratulations on the baby. It’s a great thing.”

Trump is now attacking Joe Biden in fundraising emails as a “BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST.” Seriously? But hey, maybe Donald should use that phrase on Twitter, might get Joe a few more Bernie Sanders supporter votes.


Wild tweet storm at 1am from Donald Trump, attacking all the Republicans he perceives to be against him.

“Hello, Washington DC 911 – I wish to report an elderly man in distress. Possible OD?



I fully expect President Biden to have a verbal gaffe, or two, every week. But pretty darn sure he won’t be calling his political opponents “LOSERS” & “deranged losers,” and  “Moonface.”



So the #BackupinChief is finally heading out on Air Force One Tuesday to visit Honeywell plant in Phoenix, where he will almost certainly not wear a mask., What are they now making at the plant? N95 masks. #WhyThereIsNoSatire
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