A little drafty in here….

Of all the useless arguments, and I’m good at useless arguments,  high up there has to be the  “who won the NFL draft argument?”   As in I remember at this time in 1998 when pundits were still arguing if the Colts made the right choice in picking Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf.


Rumors that MLB might be considering new Rangers ballpark near Dallas as a neutral site for delayed 2020 baseball season . Wonder if San Diego’s Petco Park is on the list, as a SF Giants fan have never yet been there & noticed enough Padres fans for home field advantage.

Due to coronavirus concerns, ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin released from prison only 7 yrs into 10 yr prison term over corruption charges. Given Louisiana history, considering Bel Edwards will be termed out in 2023, does this gives Nagin head start on a gubernatorial campaign.
Anyone else have a Lynn Anderson paraphrase running through their heads “I beg your pardon, I never promised you truth in a Rose Garden?
Interesting and kind of nice side note, while I was a Bill Clinton volunteer (then an Obama gal) who did support Hillary in 2016 election, just realized, of the six white men who were debate spouses during Democratic debates, the most recognizable was Chasten Buttigieg!
Tyson Foods took out full-page ad in NY Times saying the “food supply chain is breaking.” Understand that meat processing plants have had increasing outbreaks. But what was the purpose of Tyson letter? To ask for bailout funds, or to justify a big rise in prices?
Serious question, while I’m relatively low-risk, like many other women I’ve put off a mammogram this spring, others I know have put off colonoscopies, pap smears etc. What’s the death toll going to be down the road from Americans not doing normal preventative healthcare?
As Trump floats idea about trying to get damages from China over coronavirus, does he realize this would open up USA potentially to similar lawsuits for saying, sending cruise passengers home without testing and letting infected Americans travel after pandemic was a known event?
Diamond & Silk, have been cut by Fox News for promoting conspiracy theories and disinformation about COVID-19. How long until they get hired by OANN?
And as Trump today answered a question from his favorite OANN reporter: “What happened to your President of the United States should never again be allowed to happen.”
Is Donald talking about the woman who got the most votes in 2016, and SHOULD be our President?
When this pandemic is under control, with some sense of an actual death toll, beginning to wonder, how many of these meat processing plants still employ undocumented workers, and how many of them were scared into silence by fear of being turning into ICE? No joke.
“If an American president loses more people than in the entire Vietnam war does he deserve to be re-elected?”
And following the about question.  Today’s Trump fundraising email “Just ask yourself, would our nation survive a Joe Biden presidency?” About 55,000 Americans were today unavailable for comment.
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