Hanging it up

Marlins manager Don Mattingly,  watching “The Last Dance,” said watching Michael Jordan’s playing heroics remind him a lot of Miami owner Derek Jeter.

Mattingly didn’t add that Jordan’s ownership record probably also now reminds him of Derek Jeter.


Per Rachel Maddow,  South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem says that fans attending an auto race this weekend in the state is a bad idea. If only Noem had the power to do anything about it.


A story in SF Chronicle about a Sacramento protest against Stay At Home notes that it was organized by the “Freedom Angels,” an anti-vaxxer group. And that some of them brought their children. This might be funny if it weren’t so sad.

AG Bill Barr says his DOJ may join lawsuits against governors who refuse to roll back stay-home orders. So will Susan Collins pronounce herself “troubled?” Or “very troubled?

Meghan McCain on the View today told her co-hosts to “check their privilege.”. I cannot possibly write anything funnier than that.

Missouri today became first state to sue the Chinese government over COVID-19s pandemic, citing “an appalling campaign of deceit.” Uh, can U.S. states sue our own government? Asking for some blue and even red states.

Meow time. So how come Dr. Birx doesn’t have her roots showing after over almost a month of task force briefing? Do she and our #BackupInChief share an “essential” hair colorist?

Trump says there will be “some exceptions” to his Executive Order on immigration. Translation “I need my resorts staffed, and some of my friends need wives.”

Hydroxychloroquine trials have been going so badly I fully expect Donald Trump soon to say they were Obama’s idea.

What it comes to early re-opening, seems to me it comes down to one simple question: Even if you’re confident in your own ability to beat coronavirus, how do you know you won’t kill somebody else?

Texas Lt. Gov #DanPatrick April 2019, defending Texas “pro-life” bill to stop local govts from contracting w/ agencies like Planned Parenthood “There is nothing more important than defending the defenseless. Dan Patrick April 2020 “There are more important things than living.”

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