Crashing and burning?

Even though it’s often played without spectators, no PGA tour events yet. Of course, ESPN could just fill their weekends with highlights of tournaments featuring Tiger Woods.  Oops, been there, done that.


Media giving so much attention to the small rallies of stupid “Liberate” people perhaps shouldn’t be that surprising. When ESPN shows highlights of auto races most of what they show are the wrecks.


Looking at the race of all these protesters demanding things be opened up in various places across the US should put an end to the myth of White supremacy once and for all.

So these “Liberate” idiots think the rest of us don’t miss normal life? Going to work, seeing friends, travel, restaurants, etc, etc? Miss those things terribly. But not enough to want to kill other people.

Steve Mnuchin today on CNN took blame for stimulus check delay, saying it was HIS idea to have Trump’s signature on the checks. Two words. Yeah. Right.


A new study finds that  coronavirus could linger in the testicles, making men prone to longer, more severe cases of the illness.

So this is why Trump hasn’t been infected?

As Trump brags about his hotel properties why doesn’t some reporter ask Donald why he doesn’t offer free rooms to healthcare workers?

Joe Biden won Wyoming Democratic Party caucuses with 72% of the vote. Wow. Does that mean Wyoming has 72 actual Democrats?

Joe Biden is not a scientist. Donald Trump is not a scientist. But Joe Biden listens to scientists.

As a Pro Choice woman isn’t it nice at least that a lot of these GOP folks protesting are finally saying they realize it’s wrong for government to tell us what to do with our bodies? Oh wait, never mind.



Worst mass shooting ever in Canada. If Joe Bidenwere President, he would have issued a statement on behalf of USA. As an American my heart goes out to those in Nova Scotia, and I apologize for us not having elected a human in 2016.
To those who lost loved ones following the senseless violence in Nova Scotia, and to the @RCMPNS family mourning the loss of Cst. Heidi Stevenson, know Canadians across the country are mourning with you – and are here to support you through this tragedy.
And seriously folks, google Trudeau with any of the many mass US shooting recently, Vegas, Parkland, Kentucky, etc…. He’s always sent a message on Twitter and has generally called Trump.
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2 Comments on “Crashing and burning?”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1912, with the Red Sox playing the Yankees. And the game ended just about three hours from now.

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