Losses and no losses.

If someone had told me after an Opening Week schedule against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks that the SF Giants would be undefeated, I’d have thought it was an April Fool’s Joke.

Meanwhile, have the Orioles been eliminated yet?


Robert Kraft sent the New England Patriots plane to China to pick up  protective equipment to bring to Massachusetts, after the state’s governor has complained of the state being outbid here in the US.

Damn, I have to say “well played” about anything involving the Patriots?

But I hope none of the equipment ended up deflated.


Noticed on a package of ground chicken today “always cook to well-done.” Is there ANYONE who thought rare chicken was a good idea? (Suppose, seriously, that a whole lot of the younger generation is going to suddenly learn basic cooking skills.)

Do you realize some day we all may be telling our grandchildren “Yeah, we used to do these things called hugs and handshakes.”

Direct quote from Trump Monday on the Klobuchar-Wyden #VoteByMail bill: ‘They had things-levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” When you say the quiet part out loud.

Not that it really matters… but anyone have any idea who Trump’s “infected friend in a coma” is?

Fox News reports Joe Biden has offered to call Trump to discuss a strategy to combat coronavirus pandemic. So has White House replied with a list of compliments for dear leader that must be included in first minute of the call?

Ron DeSantis just ordered #StayAtHome for Florida. Talk about locking the door when not only the horses are out, but also the barn is already engulfed in flames.


As Joe Biden decides on a running mate who he wants to be a strong enough woman who is qualified to be President, your reminder that Donald Trump picked Mike Pence precisely not in spite of Pence being weak, but because of it.

Per Rachel Maddow,   Oklahoma and Kentucky received more medical equipment than they requested. Illinois, Massachusetts and Maine got only a fraction of their requests. When punishing blue states gets dangerously close to murder…

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2 Comments on “Losses and no losses.”

  1. Murray Dennis Says:

    Religious services and gatherings in Florida are deemed essential, and therefore do not fall under the Stay at Home statute.

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