Changes in attitude

Upset with owner James Dolan, NY Knicks fans have been chanting at home games – “Sell the team.” If it works, maybe Redskins fans can chant it to Dan Snyder?

Well, for those who are tired of nonstop political discussion and rumors on social media, Tom Brady becomes a free agent in less than two weeks.

With with Mike Bloomberg out guess it’s time in California to see television commercials for actual products again.

Oops. Not great timing award. for the day. While California decides whether or not to quarantine Grand Princess at sea south of San Francisco, a new Princess Cruises commercial airs about “celebrating the moments that bring you closer together.”

With all the worries about Coronavirus many companies are having employees work at home. So have to wonder, as spouses/partners spend every day together, what’s going to happen to the US divorce, and murder rates?

Bernie Sanders’ latest ad features former President Barack Obama. Wait, isn’t Obama part of the Democratic Establishment? This is SO confusing…


Trump in talking about coronavirus: “I haven’t touched my face in weeks. I miss it.” Especially guessing as no one else including Melania is touching him?

As some have floated the idea of Nikki Haley taking over as Trump’s running mate, Donald is sending Mike Pence to Washington state in response to the coronavirus situation there. Hmmm….

And dear F*cking Gawd. Trump dismissing danger and fatality of the virus, saying it’s often mild and  “thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people get better, just sitting home or even going to work…”
So hey, if you think you might have a mild case, go to work?
Can criminal stupidity be an impeachable offense?
Mike Pence says because HHS has designated coronavirus test as an “essential health benefit,” Americans with private health insurance & Medicare/Medicaid will be fully covered for costs. Well, thank heaven for Obamacare individual mandate. Oh wait, Trump suspended it. Never mind
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