Here’s the pitch

runningmateCincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer, who has been upset about sign-stealing decided today to tell Dodgers’ hitter Matt Beaty in advance what pitches he was throwing.  He got Beaty out.  Bauer just joined the list of my favorite pitchers.


The NBA is issuing guidelines to avoid the spread of coronavirus, as in having players fist-bump fans instead of giving them high-fives, and avoiding signing autographs. Well, good news for the Knicks, guessing not that many fans want their autographs.


I get it, Joe  Biden has been a gaffe machine for decades. But consider who he’d be debating….

With Joe getting big endorsements today how long until Trump starts trying to blame the Corona Outbreak on Hunter Biden?

Trump says he will keep holding rallies and that they are “very safe.” So will he tell his cult members not to wash their hands either?

Trump said he is urging pharmaceutical executives attending a White House meeting to “accelerate whatever they’re doing in terms of a vaccine” for the coronavirus. Right because if he didn’t ask they’d just be lollygagging?

“North Star Mall” was trending this morning.   Who but me thought was the site of another mass shooting? But no, just a mistakenly released Coronavirus patient who browsed and ate at the food court for a couple hours… This is turning into a really bad episode of “24.”

Mike Bloomberg said he talked to Amy and Pete today, that he “felt sorry for them, and added that Klobuchar and Buttigieg “behaved themselves.” Well, that ought to dissuade rumors that Bloomberg can be an arrogant a**.

Donald Trump said his physical has been put off for up to three months because “I’m too busy.” You mean the leader of the free world can’t get a doctor to make house calls on the golf course?

So as coronavirus causes Americans to freak out, stockpile household items, cancel travel and avoid going out to events and restaurants, dear leader Trump is posting late night tweets – ranting about interest rates? #WTAF?

As my friends mostly know, gave Amy my head last spring, gave her my heart last fall. And it hurts to lose. But while it can all change, can’t remember feeling so much sweetness with the bitterness of a concession speech. Because tonight sure felt like I saw a winning ticket for November.

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