Fearless leaders.

ESPN reports Bears will name Mitch Trubisky their starting quarterback in 2020, but that Chicago will add an “established veteran QB.'” I’m available!” said both Brett Favre and Jay Cutler.

Leap year Saturday.   A rare event. Another rare event. The San Antonio Spurs (barely) did not blow a 2019-2020 4th quarter lead.


Just saw that next Tuesday will be the 30th anniversary of Hank Gathers’ death.   He’s worth remembering.   A rare talent and a tragic story.  But 30 years?  I feel old.


Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are old men. But I challenge everyone, Democrats, Independents and Republicans to look at both of their speeches today and tell me, if that’s the choice, who you trust to keep our country safe.


Trump tried and failed to help his candidates to win gubernatorial races in Kentucky and Louisiana. Now despite his efforts the past few days he’s failed to help Bernie Sanders win in South Carolina.

Full credit to Kate McKinnon on SNL going after Bloomberg  “I may be #5 in the polls, but I’m #1 in your nightmares.”   Probably true.

Meanwhile, RIP, Joe Coulombe, the founder of Trader Joe’s markets.
So will his funeral program be a “Fearless Flyer?”


Have to wonder, did Trump’s urging his supporters to vote for Bernie Sanders in South Carolina push a lot of actual Democrats to vote for Joe Biden?


Donald Trump today – Joe Biden’s “not going to be running the government. He’s just going to be sitting in a home someplace and people are going to be running it for him.”
Once again, Freud NAILS projection.


Thinking Tom  Steyer is getting more attention on social media for dropping out than he ever did running. Maybe a hint for future egotistical billionaires?

Pence told dangerous lies this morning  . Trump did NOT stop travel from China. He simply said non-citizens could not enter from China, unless they were family members of U.S. citizens. As if the Coronavirus checks passports? WTAF?

To be fair, maybe Trump is thinking of closing the southern border to fight coronavirus because he’s one of the 38% that thinks it COVID19 comes from Corona beer.

Just finished a bag of Ghost Pepper corn chips. And hot chili peppers have been shown to significantly reduce disease, including infectious diseases.  Shh.  Hope this doesn’t cause a run on Tabasco.

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