A question of interest.

Can Astros & Red Sox now claim they were acting in the national interest to keep Dodgers from winning the World Series….and thus escape punishment? Asking for Giants and Angels fan friends.


Once again, part of the insanity about the Super Bowl is prop bets, everything from who the first person to score to the color of Gatorade for the winning coach’s shower.  But this year there should be something new – during the game, who will be the first person Trump insults by tweet?

So forget impeachment for a while, here’s the real question – did Tom Brady tweet a picture of himself at Gillette Stadium in a blue or white/gold dress?

John McCain would have voted for witnesses. Period.


So would GOP agree with Alan Dershowitz that if Trump somehow tampers with voting machines or otherwise rigs the election to ensure a 2nd term that it is not impeachable?

For that matter, what if Trump decides that since his re-election is in the public interest, he is justified in having his opponents jailed or killed? Asking for a democracy.

As if Sen. Joni Ernst wasn’t despicable enough chortling about Trump’s impeachment’s hurting Biden, now she said it’s “concerning” that Chief Justice John Roberts would not read Sen. Rand Paul’s outing the whistleblower question. Hey Iowa Dem, when caucuses are done, can you focus on voting her out?

CNN reports White House official said Trump and his team are “not concerned about the prospect of new revelations from former national security adviser John Bolton’s upcoming book.” Cool, so let Bolton speak before the Senate.


Your reminder, we have a POTUS shredding rule of law & constitution in plain view & some Democrats are freaking out over single events with various candidates decades ago? I’m solidly for Amy Klobuchar at this point but EVERY Democrat running is a major improvement. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

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