Unusually full house


“Super Bowl Opening Night” tonight at Marlins Park in Miami, a $25 general admission party. Sadly it probably will outdraw Marlins Opening Day.

WTF? Now MLB is saying DH in the NL might start in 2021. Guess it matters less that Madison Bumgarner is no longer with #SFGiants, but hope this doesn’t make him decide to retire.

One of the better things to my mind written on Kobe Bryant’s death, if you’re interested.


Ken Starr complained today  “The Senate is being called to sit as the high court of impeachment all too frequently. Indeed, we are living in what can aptly be described as the age of impeachment.”
Irony, your regular table is ready.

Tuned it to a bit of the GOP statements –  didn’t realize that Barack Obama was being impeached today.

As the Bolton potential bombshells from his book emerge, maybe T.S. Eliot had it right “The last temptation is the greatest treason. To do the right thing, for the wrong reason.”

Have to wonder how people would feel if they knew a murder victim where the killer got off because a witness who saw him do it said nothing… because he wanted to save the story for a book.


Although sometimes to hear GOP talk Donald Trump got elected to deal with the most critical issue of our time, prosecuting Joe and Hunter Biden for nepotism.

When this presidency is over how many of Trump”s lawyers will be able to find other jobs? #ETTD

Joni Ernst absolutely gleeful about how, in her mind today’s GOP defense of Trump will hurt Joe Biden in Iowa.
She’s not Donald’s juror, she’s his wingman.


So what’s Alan Dershowitz doing this summer now that he’s pretty certainly not going to Martha’s Vineyard?

Wonder how Rudy feels about being called a “minor player.”

Can someone tell Trump that if he testifies on camera in the Senate impeachment trial he would get the bigliest ratings ever?

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