Not so crammed?

WNBA has a new contract. It includes business-first class flights for the players. They’ve been flying coach?!!! And here most of us, even short people, have been feeling cramped in a coach seat.

Right about now not just fans in New Orleans who are wishing Saints were still in playoffs. Fox figures 49ers-Saints game might have been competitive enough to have viewers for 2nd half of  NFC Championship.

As a Saints fan I wholeheartedly embrace sulking and “coulda, woulda, shoulda.” So hade to admire all these p*ssed off Chicago Bear fans actually getting it trending about how their team drafted Trubisky over Mahomes.

But okay, did someone tell the Chiefs  that they have to give all their playoff opponents a head start? 

So how do you lose to the Hawks and then two days beat the Heat?   Schizophrenic  Spurs…

Trump praised the Packers in Wisconsin at a rally this week and attacked  “Nancy Pelosi’s 49ers.”   I missed his post-game tweet.

Fox News keeps attacking Virginia governor Northam and Democrats over gun control and a ban on weapons at tomorrow’s rally. So okay, own the libs, Trump needs to start allowing guns at HIS rallies!

So the new NASA program is called Artemis? Oh please, oh please can someone ask Trump who or what he thinks Artemis is.

Frightening thought, Trump loves to spill state secrets at his fundraising dinners and to friends. When we do get him out of office what’s he going to do with those former president security briefings?


Trump went to Austin Sunday to speak. Wonder if anyone told him that in 2016, over 65% of the city voted for Hillary Clinton?

Posted this tweet yesterday BEFORE NY Times endorsement.

Okay, here’s a really crazy thought, and I’m not pushing it…but would love opinions. Thinking about Warren’s comment about winning elections. Any way she and Amy team up? Obviously that ticket would take compromise. But that is how things get done.


Okay, who besides me really would love to hear the next Elizabeth Warren and  Amy Klobuchar private conversation, maybe in the Senate women’s room before Tuesday’s trial starts.

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