Unnecessary risks?

One question many are asking, the Houston Astros were so good, why did they need to cheat? The New England Patriots say “Hi.”


Trump today complained that people are prevented from praying on the football field. Uh what? As a Saints fan I can tell you most people in the Superdome often end up praying, especially in the playoffs. Even the atheists.


Joe Burrow’s father says “if the Bengals do draft him, he’s going to be happy.”
Translation, anything’s better than the Redskins.

Regarding the current cheating scandal in baseball. Yes, I KNOW stealing signs has been part of the game as long as there’s been a game.
But MLB specifically ordered teams not to do it electronically. And the people getting punished disobeyed that order.
That’s amazing cocky. Or stupid. Or both.


Well, at least the Mets were undefeated in the Carlos Beltran era.


New Orleans police issued arrest warrant for Odell Beckham Jr. on a complaint of simple battery after he simply slapped a Superdome security guard’s butt in LSU locker room. WTF, do they think OBJ’s a Saints referee too?

JetBlue raised the fee for a passenger’s 1st checked bag from $30 to $35, and 2nd bag from $40 to $45, with a $5 discount if pay in advance. Dibs on “Less than 24 hours” for how long it will take major carriers to follow them. (But no, we don’t have airline monopolies.)

CNN correspondent Manu Raju today in Senate halls to Arizona’s appointed senator Marsha McSally “Senator McSally, should the Senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial?”
McSally: You’re a liberal hack I’m not talking to you”
Even with climate change, who knew Arizona had such big snowflakes?

Congratulations to all those who had Rick Perry in Trump Impeachment Bingo.


Trump says he just got impeached for making a PERFECT PHONE CALL. So why doesn’t he come to the Senate Floor and tell us about it?

Now that it’s come out that Lev Parnas started working for Fred Trump selling condos over 30 years ago, how long until Donald Trump denies knowing his father?

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