Blew dat?

Trump went to Louisiana twice in two weeks to push his buddy Eddie Rispone for Governor, tweeted repeatedly Saturday, after saying  Friday night.   “You got to give me a big win, please. OK? OK?”

Another reason to root for New Orleans Saints. Results tonight from Orleans Parish: Republican Eddie Rispone – 13,041 votes. Democrat John Bel Edwards – 114,812 votes. Not a typo.  #WhoDat

Now it’s Golden State guard D’Angelo Russell who is out at least two weeks with a sprained right thumb. The Warriors aren’t just a team at this point ,they’re an NBA version of Survivor.

Baylor blew a 28-3 lead today in losing to Oklahoma 34-31. On a brighter note, Bears players have probably earned a 2nd look in NFL draft from the Atlanta Falcons.

Five people dead including three children in a murder-suicide in San Diego. Why can’t these a**holes do the suicide part first?

One of many rumors about Trump’s visit to Walter Reed today was that he had a heart attack. If so, how long can his staff keep him from bragging that it was the “BIGLIEST heart attack, much better than Bernie’s.”

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards is anti-choice, which is difficult for me. But have never liked him more. Tonight after winning re-election: “As for the president, God bless his heart.”

Every time CNN  puts Rick Santorum on can they at least air the disclaimer that he lost his re-election campaign by 18 points?

And if you think you had a hard week, thoughts and prayers for SNL writers, who had to try to compress all the events of past several days into ONE cold open.

Asked about Trump’s twitter attacks while Ambassador Yovanowitch was testifying. GOP Rep.Elise Stefanik replied “We’re not here to talk about tweets.”
Even when those tweets were themselves an impeachable offense? #witnessintimidation

If this cellphone call with Sondland turns out to be the smoking gun in impeachment hearings, well, politics aside, maybe mean bitch Karma is one of us who are driven crazy by obnoxious people who talk loudly on their cellphones in restaurants.

Ugh, nobody does part of an annual physical early. Period. That’s why they call them annual physicals.


And I’m only 60, but at what point does a “routine physical” include cognitive testing? Asking for a country. 

As Trump ranted about conviction of Roger Stone, your reminder that Stone was not convicted by House Democrats but by a JURY.


Finally,  if we told Jim Jordan that Donald Trump had been a college wrestler would Jordan finally stop trying to protect him?

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5 Comments on “Blew dat?”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    So Zelensky apparently wanted Sondland to tell Trump “I love your ass.” In a related matter, the Ukranian parliament has just adopted “Whole Lotta Love” as the country’s new national anthem.

  2. Your take on the San Diego event was spot-on. One could substitute the Santa Clarita situation earlier in the week (and too many others, of course)…

    • Thanks. I actually had a friend killed in a murder suicide, his ex-girlfriend, who probably shouldn’t have had a gun ,but you know, Texas, shot him and then herself. It sucks.

      • jumicircle Says:

        I’m so sorry. Thanks for the reply. I’m brand new here, heard about you during a sports update on KNX News radio just last week. Do you attempt to monetize your efforts???

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