Let’s make a deal?

Scott Boras isn’t happy about how long it took teams to sign his clients last year “I’m frustrated in the sense that the game has been hurt by it. Hurt by it in the sense that fans want [players to sign].”
Gosh, if Boras only didn’t demand salaries that only a handful of big-market teams can afford.

NFL now saying they will not provide the list of executives and coaches who will attend Colin Kaepernick’s workout Saturday.
Because league doesn’t want to incur the ire of fans of teams with lousy QBs who don’t show up?

Gape Kapler when introduced as new SF Giants Manager, said he wants to “to dig in a little bit more to really find out what the issues are, to find out why I have had some of those issues and why so far I have not been a popular hire…” This is not going to be a deep dive.

Now it’s Deval Patrick reportedly deciding to run for President. Uh, even the Bachelor/Bachelorette know you don’t start randomly adding people as you get down to the final roses.

Harrod’s in London is reserving Santa visits this Christmas to customers who have spent at least $2,500 .For that amount the only lap men want isn’t Santa but a lap dancer.

Real estate executive Toby MacFarlane was sentenced to six months in prison for in college admissions scandal. His daughter, who has already graduated from USC, had never played soccer when she wrote on her 2013 application essay “My parents have a hard time attending my soccer matches because our opponent’s parents are always making rude remarks about that number 8 player who plays without a care for her body or anyone else’s on the field. It is true that I can be a bit intense out there on the field.”
Sounds like the baby snake didn’t slither far from the tree.

Speaking of baby snakes, wonder  how many copies of  Donnie Jr’s book “Triggered” were paid for by our tax dollars. And how many were paid for in rubles?

Matt Bevin is touting so many outlandish conspiracy theories about why he lost Kentucky Governor’s race you almost think he’s auditioning to join Trump’s re-election campaign.

If only Gym Jordan had tried to protect wrestlers at Ohio State like he is trying to protect Donald Trump.

Mark Meadows “I think what happens is when we start to look at the facts, everybody has their impression of what truth is.”
So to GOP now, the truth is like science?

So Trump White House position that witnesses in impeachment hearings have never even spoken to POTUS, and anyone who has spoken to Donald will be prohibited from testifying. Got it.

I’ve clearly missed the GOP outrage over unqualified children of the President making big $$$ from foreign governments AND profiting off of U.S. taxpayers.

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